Top 5 bars in Ponta Delgada

A quick list of the best bars you will find in Ponta Delgada. Cheers to that. (1) The Gin library (not surprising to see this on the list, but in fairness it is good) see more here and if you want to find the Gin Libary you can click here (2) Ta Gente One of…

Beautiful evening in Ponta Delgada

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you will find the islands of the Azores. This is the harbour in Sao Miguel. You can’t beat this view.

Saving Hedgehogs in the Azores

Here on the Solar Branco 1885 Eco-Estate, we have always valued the wild and diverse range of animals and birds we have living around us. Alas, roads and hedgehogs don’t mix well. This little guy needed to be moved into the main field where we have space for him (or her) to nest and roam…

Top 10 restaurants in Sao Miguel

A visitor who came to the Gin Library asked me recently about some of our favourite restaurants to visit while on the island of Sao Miguel. We came up with a list of top restaurants. This was really well received, so we decided we would publish it here for you to read as well. For…

Rain in Sao Miguel

So when it rains in Sao Miguel there is a lack of things to do so we put together this guide to what to do on a rainy day, click here for more.